What You Need To Know Before You Subscribe To The Striming In 2023

Many users are ready to regularly pay a fixed amount for unlimited access to music. After all, the subscription costs less than a musical disk per month. However, they should know that they do not have the right to lose certain albums or performers. In fact, users with a subscription simply rent their music. Upon termination of the contract, access to catalogs is no longer provided. However, some providers also provide their music for free, albeit with restrictions. The targeted choice of track is usually impossible, reproduction is interrupted by advertising, and the songs can be heard only when the user is online.

On the other hand, the subscription also allows you to load music, for example, to listen to it on an airplane when a mobile connection is not available. But the same thing here: if the subscription is canceled, loaded music can no longer be reproduced.

Many users are unlikely to notice the difference in the catalogs of providers, at least when listening to mainstream music. But in some genres there can definitely be gaps. In addition, content such as audiobooks, podcasts, radio feeds and music clips is available only in some services.

If you have a sharp hearing, you can also prefer some providers who compress their music less and thus provide a higher sound quality. It is important to learn more before subscribing to a subscription. This is due to the fact that some audio formats can only be reproduced on certain devices. There are several surprises: Apple Airpod headphones cannot enjoy the highest sound quality with Apple Music.

Spotify, YouTube Music and Deezer offer their users a free offer – but with restrictions. Thus, it is impossible to preserve music for use in autonomous mode or listen to it with higher sound quality. In addition, advertising plays.

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There are also restrictions on the target selection of songs. Amazon, for example, allows its Prime users to broadcast more than 100 million different songs without additional costs, but only in random order and with standard sound quality. All services offer at least one month of a free trial version for their paid subscriptions. During special actions, this stage can also last three months.

In addition to an individual subscription at a price from nine euros (Amazon) to 15 euros (QBUZ), almost all services also have a family package, which costs about 50 percent more expensive, in which only six people can create their own account. Students often pay only half the cost of subscription. Spotify also has a double subscription, which is 30 percent higher than a single offer for ten euros. In QoBuz, a double subscription costs 20 euros.

If you need a particularly high sound quality, you pay twice as much as the usual price for Tidal. In Apple Music, Qobuz, Amazon Music Unlimited and Deezer, improved sound quality is already included in the standard subscription. Spotify and YouTube Music are currently not offering a higher quality sound. All services can be canceled monthly. During the annual payment, the monthly tariff is usually reduced.

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