What's Cool In YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium gives the user a lot more options than the free version of this mega-popular streaming service. Let’s consider its advantages in more detail.

We can assume that this is a renamed and well-known YouTube Red, in which all the premium features of the site are available. By default, the streaming service includes YouTube Music Premium (music but no ads) plus a premium selection from YouTube Originals, a collection of movies and TV shows that YouTube has made with popular creators.

Unlike YouTube Music, picture-in-picture is only available on mobile devices. But this is convenient for smartphone owners, as they can read the news or scroll through the Instagram feed and at the same time listen or watch a video in a small floating window.

YouTube Premium subscribers can forget about ads while listening to music or watching videos both in the background and offline. The video you like can be downloaded to your mobile device. And even more devices are suitable for launching a streaming service: an Android or iOS smartphone, Chromecast, Smart TV and popular models of game consoles.

The service provides each new subscriber with a three-month free trial period, this is a trial version of the platform, but with all the benefits of Premium.

YouTube Music, with ads and a few restrictions, is completely free to use. You will have access to the catalog with music, official tracks, albums, covers and remixes.

YouTube Premium will cost 9.99 per month. You get everything from the previous package plus access to YouTube Originals. A premium subscription is suitable for those who plan to watch offline videos frequently.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are on par with other music services, but Google still has the opportunity to save a little. Members of the same family over the age of 13 can activate a family subscription for a maximum of six accounts. First, one user registers in the service, and then sends invitations to other family members. This subscription costs only $14.99 per month for YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.

• a large list of devices is supported;

Special payment terms are made for students. A month with YouTube Music and YouTube Premium will cost them half the price. You can confirm your student status through SheerID (and you will have to do this annually), and you can use a subscription on preferential terms for up to four years.

So, let’s try to summarize. Pros of YouTube Premium:

• you can listen to music in the background;

• economical rates for families and students;

• picture-in-picture mode;

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• web version adapted to the big screen;

• smart music search.

The whole set of options together makes this streaming service very popular and convenient for any user. Some users consider the disadvantage of this platform to be the relatively low quality of the videos they watch and the small capacity of the library, which does not exceed one hundred videos. But compared to all the advantages of this streaming service, its disadvantages seem not so significant.

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