What's the best DJ app for iPhone?

Among the many applications for mixing music on Android tablets, the Google Play Store offers many professional and semi-professional programs.

Music creation apps allow us to compose our own music. Depending on their type, we can use the instruments included in them, record the sound of real instruments or connect a microphone and record our own singing. Then we will be able to combine all these elements in one piece, add the corresponding effects to them, correctly arrange them, and then export them as a music file.

So there are many applications with similar functionality. But not all of them are ideal for iPhone. Therefore, below we will consider the five most suitable DJ applications for this type of gadget.

Pacemaker is a music mixing application. Just choose a song from Spotify or iTunes, and you can use an application whose artificial intelligence will help you create a quality remix. By creating it, you can easily share it with friends. The application is available for devices: iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Groovebox is an application that simplifies the creation of electronic music. It allows you to use virtual instruments and ready-made sounds to create bits and entire melodies. In addition, their collection is constantly growing, and you can also expand it by purchasing entire additional sets in the application. This is an ideal tool for artists and producers who want to quickly implement their idea of ​ ​ melody.

Audiobus is an app that helps you create music. This allows different compatible music applications to work together. Thanks to this, we can, for example, provide live sound, add effects to music, connect the guitar and add effects to the incoming sound, mix all sounds with their configuration.

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Samplebot allows us to create songs using clips from your own music library or recorded sounds that you can collect in the app. We can put them on the timeline using different types of loops, as well as tools that will allow us to adjust their playback speed, volume, balance, and so on. After creating a song, we can share it on social networks or export it to a library.

Djay is an app that allows you to create and mix music on your device. Perhaps it is it that is most often used. The app allows you to use songs from your music library and Spotify database, so you have access not only to your favorite songs, but also to millions of others. You can choose songs yourself and combine them manually or let the app do it automatically thanks to Automix mode.

So, the amount of application for DJ on the iPhone is far from being exhausted by the above list. Which one is best for you to decide.

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