What's The Difference Between Playlist And Album?

From gramophones to streaming platforms, the way you listen to music has changed a lot over time. However, when we think about the commercial side, there are terms that stick around, as is the case with singles, playlists, and albums.

These formats influence how artists plan their musical projects, from the composing stage to physical and virtual release. The end result of this is striking works that soon become collectibles.

The difference between the formats is mainly about the number of tracks and the length of the project, which is currently determined by platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

The album is the main star of the show and a project carefully planned by the artists, and as such, it has huge expectations from music fans. Albums are over 30 minutes long or contain more than seven songs.

Due to the heavy investment in both production and promotion, albums usually tell big stories and explain the ideas and experiments behind the songs, which is reflected in the videos, presentations, and overall visual identity.

The deluxe album is nothing more than a more complete edition of the disc, including songs that were not included on the first version, new partnerships, live versions or remixes. Providing news of the original project, the deluxe album works as a bonus for fans that eventually becomes a collector’s edition.

So, the albums are created directly by the artists themselves. But playlists, as a rule, are created by users of one or another music streaming service. The user can also earn not only authority, but also good money by creating and distributing playlists.

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This will require some effort:

1. Make a good selection of songs on a specific topic or one musical genre.

2. Make the most of social media – share your playlists, ask your followers to rate them, and so on.

3. Colorize the playlist. Try to create a creative cover for your playlist, this will immediately draw the attention of music lovers to it.

4. Briefly and intriguingly tell about yourself in the description of the playlist. Try to get this description “not only into the ears, but also into the soul” of those who will read it. If necessary, involve specialists in the field of writing texts for this work.

So, the difference between an album and a playlist is clear. But on its own, neither an album nor a playlist can lead the popularity ratings of a particular music streaming service. This will require some effort and some skills to promote your music content in the world of music streaming.

Modern promotion methods can almost instantly turn an unknown artist into a world-class star. An example is the Kazakh guy DJ Imanbek. He created a successful remix that instantly went viral. As a result, Imanbek Zeikenov, who was hiding under this pseudonym, became the winner of the prestigious international music festival Grammy Award. At the same time, this young guy became a rich representative of the musical world, whom many artists look up to and take an example from him.

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