What's The Most Listened To Song Ever?

Music is the most beautiful and mysterious art in the world. It is very simple and complex at the same time. Just think about the fact that waves of a given frequency combine into gentle and exciting melodies that our ears pick up and decipher the brain. We are used to listening to music in the course of our daily activities: at work, in the car, on a walk, in public transport, and the like. At the heart of each piece of music is a mysterious and exciting story that delights us from the first moments.

Music brings each of us invaluable benefits, because sounds have a beneficial effect on the human body as a whole. And at first glance, it may seem that music is only what we take for granted with our ears, it is one of the most complex and incredible phenomena in the universe.

Probably, few people will guess what kind of song has been most often listened to in the world for many decades. Who doesn’t know the song “Happy Birthday To You”? The answer is simple – almost everyone knows it. But at the same time, no one guesses that we are talking about the most frequently listened to song. After all, it is the most popular song in the world.

The Guinness Book of Records also speaks of this. But due to copyright disputes, this melody could not be played for free anywhere except in the home circle. For this, we must say a huge thank you to the Warner company, which at one time fussed to buy the rights, and then began to tear a lot of money from each performer of this song.

A few years ago, American evening talk show host Stephen Colbert congratulated the song on his birthday and tried to sing the first line, but a message about technical problems was displayed on the screens. “Sorry, friends, you can’t sing ‘Happy Birthday to You’, even to congratulate the song ‘Happy Birthday to You’ on her birthday,” Colbert explained.

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But at the end of September 2015, a Los Angeles court ruled that Warner only owns the copyright for the piano arrangement, but not for the lyrics or its melody. And in the European Union, the copyright for the song was established until December 31, 2016 (70 years after the death of the author – Patty Hill, who wrote this mega-popular birthday song, died in 1946). Here is such a story.

But the point is not that, but that if you want to congratulate a loved one to this melody, then on the Internet you will not find a lot of arrangements of this song. One, two and that’s it.

Today, there are at least six of the most famous versions of this song, as well as dozens of arrangements.

We all love the song “Happy Birthday To You” since childhood, but few people know that it is under the protection of the author’s rights at the moment. No one forbids singing it in a circle of friends or family, but if it is used for commercial purposes, for example, in a movie, at a concert, and even on a regular greeting card, you will need to pay for it. At the moment, this song brings the owner company about two million dollars every year. Everyone knows it by heart, but you can’t perform this song in public. Legal conflict, but the fact remains.

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