What's The Most Played Songs On Spotify 2022?

The music streaming service Spotify, which hails from Stockholm, Sweden, can rightfully be considered a trendsetter in music fashion. Therefore, many real music lovers closely follow the ratings of songs and artists that this platform periodically presents.

Ratings can display the situation for a year, a month or, for example, a week. According to the period, they are regularly updated. There is a rating of top performers, a rating of groups and a rating of songs.

If we talk about the current ranking of songs for 2022, then in May the top three looks like this:

1. STAY (with Justin Bieber) The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber.

2. Frozen – PNAU RemixElton John, Dua Lipa, PNAU.

3. Under the weather – Janna Ernst.

It should be noted that Justin Bieber, whose composition is in the lead in the ranking, has been on the top step for several months in a row. This popular artist was also a winner the previous year, when his name was at the top of various ratings, which were compiled by the music editor of the Swedish streaming service.

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Next up is Ed Sheeran, who wins Best Artist, followed by the most popular artist, Ariana Grande. In ninth position is the South Korean BTS – the most popular group and non-English-speaking group on Spotify, which has managed not only to win the hearts of music lovers around the world, but also to collect an impressive collection of prestigious international music awards.

So, music lovers can fully satisfy their interest in the latest in the music industry, using Spotify ratings for this. Which are very sensitive to changes in the music market and display the most relevant and verified information.

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