What's The Name For Future New Album 2022?

Naivadius Cash, or The Future, as he is better known, rose to great fame mainly after the explosive resonance of his DS2 mixtape, which, despite displaying a very repetitive and versatile personality, captivated his audience with acid rhymes and questionable morals, a stereotype that still takes place. its hip-hop market.

To say that his success was accidental is pretty presumptuous, after all the partnerships that followed with the big names of the genre, including the mixtape with Drake, which showed us some of the difference in the approach to creativity between these artists.

However, we have come to the point of yet another Future release. Despite being a multi-handed album, we find a rapper interested in rubbing his purest sonic identity in front of our face, what we hear, and automatically remember his name. There is a sound, but the readiness to remember its name is not so clear, since there is nothing special in what we hear here.

On April 29, 2022, the music world accepted the new album of the popular American rapper and producer called “I Never Liked You”. This is the ninth studio album by Future.

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The incredible power of Future’s rap continues to drive the compositions of the album, creating a work that stays completely within the comfort zone, without risking or seeking new forms of expression within hip hop and rap.

The new album includes sixteen different compositions, most of which are performed in collaboration with such famous artists as Drake, Kanye West, Rihanna and others. Such big names gave importance to the album itself.

On the very first weekend after its release, “I Never Liked You”. Topped the Billboard 200 rankings, as well as some of the leading music streaming services, such as the Swedish Spotify, which for many years has not yielded to anyone as the leader in the streaming music market.

In addition, the new album unexpectedly received positive reviews from most of the music critics who have a great influence in the world of music.

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