What's The Number One Song On Spotify 2022?

The Swedish streaming service Spotify has long been not only a leader in the global music streaming industry, but has gained popularity as a trendsetter in music. It has a huge number of users in almost 200 countries around the world. According to Spotify itself, at the end of 2021 there were already more than 400 million people, of which more than 165 million had a premium subscription.

Spotify occupies a market share of 44%, however, the opinions of experts in this regard are somewhat different. But still, we see that almost every second music stream in the world is generated by the Swedish streaming platform. Therefore, an artist who manages to climb to the top of the Spotify ranking automatically becomes the most popular in the world.

Of course, Spotify’s opinion can be challenged by its competitors. But it is unlikely that they will be able to convince the multi-million audience that they are right.

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So, at the top of the Spotify rating in 2022, somewhat unexpectedly, but confidently, the track “As It Was” by the British artist and lyricist Harry Styles climbed. He became mega-popular within one day, which is quite normal for the modern music industry. The popular British artist has been holding the palm for many weeks in a row.

The track went viral, the number of its plays is simply huge. By the way, the Spotify rating is based on the number of streams of a particular composition that it has gained over a certain period of time.

Typically, Spotify rankings are updated weekly. This is true of other music streaming services as well. Some of them, for example, the German platform SoundDcloud, also take into account user reviews about a particular musical composition.

“As It Was” also topped the US Billboard charts, which is a great indicator of the world’s largest North American music market.

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