When Can I See My 2022 Apple Music Replay?

Apple Music is in fierce competition with the world’s leading music streaming industry, Swedish music streaming service Spotify. And in the process of this competition, the service itself from the Cupertino corporation is being improved, opening up many new opportunities for its users.

What kind of music would you like to listen to in 2022? The Apple Music automatic playlist will remind you of all this. Under the title “Replay 2022” you will find 100 songs that you enjoyed listening to. To do this, it analyzes weekly which songs you listened to most often. The playlist is created based on the play, which also includes ranking. Through regular review, the list changes weekly, and then your top 100 is revealed at the end of the year.

If you have already listened to a lot of music with Apple Music, your personal “Replay 2022” playlist will appear in the music app under the “Listen Now” tab at the bottom. You can add them with a tap of your finger and sync across all your devices. If you’re looking for more information about your listening preferences, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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Instead of an app, you can also get your personal mix and view the details. There, you click on the Hear Your Playback Mix button and sign in with your Apple ID.

Then a playlist will be created for you, which you can integrate by clicking “+ Add” to your library on all your Apple devices. In addition, you can see on the site how often you have listened, which song and artist you have listened to the most. Below you can also find listings for previous years that you can add with a single click.

Incidentally, Apple’s annual mix is ​​something special and stands out from Spotify’s Wrapped. The Apple Replay playlist is not fixed and is already available at the beginning of the year. It is constantly updated for weeks and months, so you are always up to date with the music content of your account on this music streaming service.

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