When Can I See My Apple Music Replay 2022?

The American music streaming service Apple Music has offered its subscribers another handy feature to help them get the most out of the service.

This feature allows you to view and ultimately analyze everything that the user has listened to on the streaming platform throughout the year. For many, this is not just curious information, but also useful. After all, it helps to correct their musical commitments and, quite possibly, even simply understand them.

Subscribers to the streaming service from the Cupertino corporation have the opportunity to view and listen to the Replay playlist annually. This playlist contains one hundred songs that have been listened to by the user throughout the year.

This playlist appears on the Apple Music menu on New Year’s Eve. So, at the end of the year, you will have an overview of the playback history. To find a playlist, simply scroll down the Listen tab in Apple Music on iOS, iPadOS, or macOS. Apple Music also has a more detailed version of the playlist, including the most popular artists and albums, as well as statistics for detailed information about the number of plays and hours of listening.

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One of the biggest complaints from users is the lack of the ability to share the playlist on social networks – unlike, for example, Spotify Wrapped. Considering that the popularity of social networks is growing every day, and they sometimes turn into the main channel of communication for some people, the lack of such an opportunity is somewhat embarrassing.

For those who plan to develop their musical career, in particular with Apple Music, the “Replay” function will help you more clearly determine which musical directions should be given attention.

The lack of the ability to share the results significantly reduces the popularity of the Apple Music music streaming application among the music industry. Unlike the Swedish streaming service Spotify, where such an opportunity is provided, it is much more difficult for artists on Apple Music to navigate the musical preferences of listeners.

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