When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out?

Before the end of the current year, you can ask how you spent it on Spotify. The world’s most popular Swedish music streaming service is introducing a special feature that allows the user to see their streaming statistics for the past year.

This information will be very useful for those music lovers who are used to analyzing their musical preferences, as well as for those in the music industry, providing them with a lot of useful information.

With Spotify Wrapped, you can see how you used Spotify. Spotify’s streaming service once again offers all sorts of features and allows you to share your stats via social media. This is an annual roundup highlighting all your favorite music and artists. In this way, you will get a complete picture of your musical tastes and find out how your musical looked like in the outgoing year, based on reliable numbers.

If you use Spotify, you can view Wrapped’s annual roundup starting December 1st or a little later. You do this in the Spotify app (Android or iOS). Open the app and you will see a clear notification about your Wrapped that you click on. Don’t see the message yet? Then check again later. Last year, you could also view your annual review online, but this is no longer possible.

Spotify constantly records what you listen to and every year translates that information into a memorable form into an overview of your favorite artists, songs, podcasts, albums and genres. Spotify is making the Wrapped review interactive this year.

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Your Wrapped review also focuses a lot on your friends who use Spotify. For example, through Playing Cards you can see a card game with statements about your listener behavior, where you have to indicate whether they are true or not. You can then send the game to your friends to see how well they know you.

And with Wrapped Blend, you’ll see how your musical tastes compare to those of your friends. Spotify has complemented your favorite songs with your friends’ songs to achieve the perfect mix. Also, with Wrapped Blend, you can see how different your taste in music is from your friends. Spotify has padded your favorite songs with your friends’ songs for a very satisfying mix. Do your friends listen to music you hate? Then you better leave the Wrapped Blend on for a while.

You can share your Spotify Wrapped on social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. New is the ability to share your annual TikTok review.

Social networks are becoming more important, large-scale and influential every year. That’s why Spotify Wrapped is meant to be shared online. So you can easily share your music review with your friends. Spotify has a dedicated “Share this Story” button with which you can share any Wrapped slide directly.

Also new is Spotify’s collaboration with well-known artists who have recorded video messages. As a big fan, you can see the message in your annual review. Spotify also does this for famous podcast creators.

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