When Will Spotify Hi-Fi Be Released?

The music streaming platform Spotify has many advantages. The sound quality of music is one of them. It’s no secret that many music lovers who used this service before or now use the services of this service, when choosing a music platform, were also based on this criterion.

Indeed, Spotify’s claimed 320Kbps sound quality is very high. This allows all music lovers to enjoy the sound.

But among Spotify subscribers there are music lovers who have a more subtle ear. For them, sound quality is paramount. For such listeners, it is important that each note of a piece of music be heard clearly, and its sound practically does not differ from the original. Hi-Fi quality provides such an opportunity.

The Spotify music service, knowing about such a need for its subscribers, decided to please them. And at the beginning of 2021, he announced that he would add Hi-Fi audio to the list of his services by the end of 2021. It is not known what difficulties Spotify encountered on the way to this goal, but music lovers did not see the long-awaited innovation. Moreover, Spotify, of course, expressed regret about this, saying that work in this direction has not stopped, but the company cannot even predict the approximate release date of Hi-Fi audio.

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Naturally, such a statement discouraged Spotify fans, and various music business experts began to look for the cause and build versions. Many of them suggest that Spotify delayed its decision for economic reasons. The fact is that Apple Music (a direct competitor of Spotify) provided its subscribers with Lossless audio for free, in which sound is transmitted without loss. That is, Apple Music users can listen to music in this quality at no additional charge. While Spotify, according to analysts, wanted to charge for Hi-Fi quality separately from paying for a data plan.

Whatever the reason, but the fact is obvious: it is not known when Spotify Hi-Fi will be released and if it will be released at all.

It should be noted that analysts argue that the release of Spotify Hi-Fi is still inevitable, because competition makes it develop and look for ways to overcome obstacles. It is unlikely that Spotify will want to give up its subscribers to competitors.

But while the intrigue remains, Spotify’s loyal fans and subscribers (to be honest, not only them) are waiting and wondering what is so tempting Spotify will come up with in order to once again become a leader among music streaming platforms. We hope that music lovers will not be disappointed with Spotify’s future offerings.

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