Where Are The Downloaded Songs On Spotify?

The Swedish streaming service Spotify has many advantages. This is not only a huge music library with over 70 million licensed tracks and several billion playlists, but also many other features, including the song download function. This option allows you to listen to streaming music without an internet connection, for example, when traveling, or in case the user wants to save internet traffic.

But what to do if the songs downloaded on the streaming service suddenly disappear or there is simply no way to access the saved media archive? After all, you could download music files purposefully for several years, creating your own personal music library. And suddenly all the results of your labor can disappear. Of course you won’t like it.

If you enjoy listening to music offline – either to save your data plan or to download the songs you like the most – you know that the files don’t save like the mp3 files you used to download. Spotify uses the device’s internal storage or SD card to cache or entire songs.

Where Are The Downloaded Songs On Spotify

The types of files that Spotify stores are:

• Temporary versions or snippets of the songs you are listening to (cached). So, when you click “Play”, the music starts playing immediately, with few interruptions and without waiting for the music to fully load into the app.

• Full songs you downloaded for offline listening (Premium users only).

According to Spotify, it is recommended that your device (your mobile phone) have at least 1 GB of free internal storage space for the best performance.

To free up space or fix common errors, you can clear the cache or change where your downloads are stored. Downloaded items are marked with a download symbol (down arrow) and can be found in Your Library. Another thing you need to know is that it is not possible to export Spotify content outside of the app. The songs remain.

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If you try to clear the cache, you will see the “Offline music storage” option. The content format, however, will not allow you to delete it and listen to it on another player.

By clicking “Change Location” you can save the cache to another location on your computer or phone (app cache on internal memory or SD card). Access this folder on your computer and, if necessary, select and delete files to save space.

When cleared, the user will be logged out and their login information will be deleted. Therefore, you will need to re-sync your music offline and customize the app as you wish after logging back in.

To save space, try to save downloaded songs not to internal memory, if it is structurally small on your smartphone. Use a flash drive if your device has one. This will help not to overload the RAM of the device and thus speed up its work.

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