Where can DJs get their music?

A professional DJ should get special skills to get success. Also, it is obligatory to work with modern DJ equipment and use high-quality music from different genres and artists only. The number of tracks for your mixes also has a meaning. If you’re just starting as a DJ, of course, you wonder, where can DJs get their music?

Where can DJs get their music?

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Many DJs used to buy vinyl records. The advantage of this kind of buying music is that you own it. That means that you can use it for DJing legally. Wandering around the shop you might also come across some long-forgotten but beautiful songs to mix. Also, it is possible to talk to the sales staff who may suggest something interesting to your needs.

There are many vinyl albums worth investing in and these are worth every dime you spend on them. While different DJs have different preferences when it comes to music, the truth of the matter is that these albums come with a compilation of different music genres that you can choose from. 

These range from volumetric vocals to classical music, Rock and Metal to incredible instrumentals. 

Depending on the taste of your audience, you can select the albums that best suit the occasion and their liking. This is one of the biggest advantages that you get from these kinds of compilations

But besides the advantages, there are also a few disadvantages:

  • it’s expensive to buy this format of tracks,
  • you might not find a good vinyl record shop in your town,
  • choosing and listening to the tracks can be quite time-consuming.

Another method of buying records and officially owning music is to buy them online. The drawback for some people will be the high price but the advantages are greater:

  • you can live everywhere and order the records you want without difficulties,
  • virtual shops give you the possibility to listen to each record online before you buy it.

The next method where you can get music for your mixes is online resources. There you can find any tracks. The advantage of this type of obtaining music is:

  • relatively inexpensive price,
  • the possibility to choose the quality of the track,
  • it’s easy to listen to the tracks,
  • you can buy tracks that have never been released in physical formats.

Just use different streaming services for DJing. Of course, not every service will be suitable for that. But in general, the most popular and high-quality services for DJing are SoundCloud and Tidal. Spotify used to be available as well, but this option is no longer available. One of the main advantages is the adequate price and a huge number of compositions. But, at the same time, it is worth remembering that you are not an owner of tracks.

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