Where Can I Buy K-pop MP3?

K-pop music has become a new phenomenon in the history of the music industry. Born in South Korea a decade ago, today this musical genre has fans all over the world.

Music streaming services and YouTube served as a wide distribution and popularization of K-pop, thanks to which users from all over the world became available not only funny song motifs, but also videos with incendiary dances that make you want to start dancing right away.

But where can you buy K-pop music? And you really want it to be in high quality MP3?

There are many sites that offer to buy music. For those who live directly in Korea, as it turned out, this is very easy to do. And for music lovers from other countries it is a little more difficult.

You can turn to Amazon and iTunes, which sell lossless high quality music. There are also online sellers such as YesAsia or AladdinUS.

You can turn to music streaming services where you can also download K-pop MP3. For example, South Korean music streaming service Bugs is famous for its positive attitude towards K-pop. In addition, this streaming service can stream music in FLAC quality. To download music in this format, you will need to issue a paid subscription to the services of the service. Its cost will directly depend on how many songs the user wants to download within a month. For example, if he wants to download up to a hundred songs, he will need to pay a subscription fee of $20 per month.

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A few years ago, a Swedish green giant appeared in Korea. If someone has not yet guessed who exactly it is, then this is the Spotify streaming music service. You can buy licensed music on it. There is no free version of this service in Korea, which greatly reduces its appeal to local music lovers.

In fact, there is little incentive for Koreans to switch to Spotify in such a situation. There are few Korean singers on the service. It’s hard to listen to Spotify for 11,990 won (about $10). Using low cost music streaming through various discount services such as discounts from telecom companies, Spotify does not offer free streaming in Korea at all.

To purchase licensed music, you can turn to Korean streaming services, such as Dosirak and Melon. Or use Apple Music. The latest service in Korea did not achieve the results that its creators envisioned when they promoted it to the South Korean music streaming market.

You can also turn to Pandora radio, where you can also buy music in high quality with almost no loss. There are many more ways to download pirated versions of K-pop, but we will not go into detail about them, since such a method is not entirely legal. But very often it is used in Asia and Africa, and not only.

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