Where Can I Find Hi-Res Music?

Today, the High-resolution audio industry is steadily gaining momentum, coming out of the music segment for a narrow circle of insiders. Smartphones with Hi-Res support appear, online stores offer to purchase albums in high-definition audio, and with the advent of MQA technology, the largest streaming services have also joined this process.

Spotify is a large-scale streaming service with many nice “little things” that allows you to use three different broadcast bitrates: Normal Quality (96 Kbps), High Quality (160 Kbps), Extreme Quality (320 Kbps) – and supports all OS. The subscription price depends on which country you access Spotify from.

7digital is a popular digital music and radio services platform with a large selection of FLAC (24-bit) and now MQA music, convenient download services, and applications for many devices and operating systems. You can purchase both the album and the single track.

Qobuz Sublime+ is one of the world’s leading Hi-Res audio streaming services, with an annual subscription of around 350 euros. Hi-Res audio streaming is available in FLAC and MQA formats, and convenient applications are offered for smartphones and PCs.

HDTracks is one of the oldest online music stores providing an excellent selection of classical, jazz and rock in Hi-Res quality. The tracks are also available for purchase in DSD quality.

In addition to the above list, you can access HRA files on Hi-Res Download (download either a demo or purchase your favorite album), NativeDSD (classical music in DSD is offered), on Tidal, which is a streaming service with the highest quality of live sound thanks to an assortment MQA files. Deezer, HighResAudio, Napster, Bugs, Taihe Music ZONE, SoundMachin are also noteworthy.

Where can I listen to high-resolution audio music?

Hi-Res playback devices:

• specialized Hi-Res players;

• compatible smartphones;

• PCs with specialized programs (or plug-ins for players) for playing specific high-resolution audio formats.

To improve the sound from devices whose audio circuits are not optimized for Hi-Res, it is advisable to connect a USB DAC (digital to analog converter) in the receiver-headphone chain.

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Since the largest streaming platforms – Tidal and Qobuz – do not officially work in all countries of the world, in order to use their services, you will have to install a VPN that allows anonymous access to the network. It is these music streaming services that today can be proud of having the highest lossless sound quality, which is so appreciated by true lovers of streaming music.

So much amazing music has been created in the modern world that even with a significant amount of storage media it is impossible to keep a large audio library in high quality. The emergence of new high-resolution audio formats and streaming cloud services creates a comfortable environment for audiophiles, allowing them to receive a large selection of full-sounding tracks according to personal tastes.

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