Where can I listen to music for free?

You can start streaming music from a computer, phone, or player that has this feature. Users often wonder where and how the ini will be able to listen to streaming music for free.

You can start streaming music from a computer, phone, or player that has this feature. To determine this possibility in the gadget, just look into the characteristics and find the parameter: availability of Wi-Fi.

When buying a device, you may not find the preferred music streaming service in it. So you can try it manually. Here you need to pay attention to the”white list” of applications that can be put on the device. Almost every device can find such information on the Internet. Most gadgets sold already have pre-installed streaming services. The main thing is to decide on the most acceptable. In addition to quality, I want to get an affordable price. And the best option will be the free use of music streaming. So, what music streaming services should be paid attention to for their free use.

The first in the availability list will be YouTube Music. Speaking about this service, you need to start by listing its advantages. And the first in this list will be availability. Now he offers a free trial month on a premium account. You’ll be able to play music in the background, disappear all ads, and add the ability to download music into your cache. There is also a student and family subscription, which makes the service super-profitable. The second advantage is ease of use. All the music that was awarded your likes on the YouTube flows here into a separate playlist, excluding other videos you like. There are also wonderful selections in which you will definitely discover a dozen new performers. In general, there is a lot of music on the platform – more than 40 million tracks. And most importantly, the service can be used for free on an ongoing basis. True, with some limitations in the feature set.

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The second on the list will be the French streaming music service Deezer. On this platform you can also find a huge number of tracks (more than 70 million) and a variety of playlists for any taste. There is its own algorithm for personal selection of music – Flow. On a free account, the service allows you to listen to music as a MP3 (128 kbit/s).

Spotify will be just an ideal option for free listening to music. This is the Swedish music streaming service, which today and for several years in a row has taken a leading position in the global streaming music market. The service has a permanent free version. Today, Spotify has more than 350 million users worldwide. Of these, more than half use the free version of this popular application. The service has a huge media library for any musical taste. It has more than 70 million compositions. In it you can find songs in almost any language and any people in the world. The service is very popular among performers to whom it has paid billions of dollars in royalties throughout its existence.

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The Tidal streaming service can also be used in the free version. Its feature will be the high quality of reproduced audio content. If you use a good bundle of «headphones» or «DAC-acoustics», while you do not like to wait for the heavy FLAC to download from a pirated torrent, then you just need Tidle. But not only as a whole the value of this site. Tidal is the first streaming service owned by performers. “In share” are Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Chris Martin, Kanye West, Daft Punk and other popular artists. Thanks to this, it is easier for him to get exclusives, at least temporary. For example, Rihanna’s song “Bitch Better Have My Money” was only available on Tidal for some time.This allows the service to be constantly on the very crest of the wave of the music world.

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