Where Can I Upload My Own Music?

If you want to upload your music to the World Wide Web, then you will have to use some tools to do this. These are sites (portals) on which you can upload your music, also on these sites (portals) you can listen, download, comment, share music, subscribe to people and much more.

SoundСloud. SoundCloud was originally launched as an online platform for independent musicians to publish their work, exchange experiences with colleagues and connect with fans. To do this, each registered user is given the opportunity to upload up to three hours of their own music with the possibility of increasing this value when purchasing a paid account.

Thanks to the efforts of the creators, one of whom is a professional sound engineer, and the second is a musician, SoundCloud set a fairly high standard of quality from the very beginning and was able to avoid turning into an ordinary music dump filled with low-quality and pirated content. An interesting community of independent musicians formed around the service, and its catalog quickly filled with unique content. So, it’s no wonder that just a few years after its launch, SoundCloud cheerfully reported ten million subscribers. Now more than 175 million listeners use the services of this service every month.

Spotify is a gigantic (in terms of audience and quantity of content) and relatively old music streaming service, partnering with gigantic music labels, with a multimillion audience, both paid and free access. This Swedish music streaming service allows you to download music from your computer, the cloud, and your own stock.

Spotify has over 400 million monthly active users in nearly 200 countries today, making it the undisputed leader in the global music streaming industry. Of this multi-million group, almost half have a paid premium subscription.

Hosting your own music on Spotify is the shortest way to build a successful music career, because this platform, along with SoundCloud, is the most popular among artists. But Spotify pays much less than its “cloud” competitor, while reaching the largest possible audience around the world.

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LastFM. Social network will be of interest primarily to music lovers. Using a special scrоbbler program, captures every track you listen to and adds it to your account statistics. On your web page, you can view the number of songs listened to, the popularity rating among all your songs and artists.

Based on statistics, recommends music for you. Accordingly: the more statistics, the more accurate the recommendations. The PC application also allows you to listen to online radio based on your musical tastes or the tastes of any selected user. The free version has 30 streams per day. You can add other users as friends and see your “musical compatibility” with them.

Using the social networking features, you can add your songs for free, share them, create groups and invite your friends to join them, and much more that is typical of social networks. Accordingly, the strategy for promoting your own music content posted by you on this platform will in many ways be similar to promotion in social networks.

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