Where Do DJs Buy Their Music?

The authority of almost any DJ directly depends on the knowledge and deep understanding of music and musical culture, especially within the genre or genres in which he plays. To acquire such knowledge, you need to carefully listen to a lot of different music, study the structure of tracks, instruments and elements in order to select tracks that harmonize with each other and sound great in a set.

As a rule, a professional DJ builds a significant collection of music from various sources and spends a lot of time listening, studying, researching and searching for old and new music.

Where Do DJs Buy Their Music

Constantly looking for new music is one of the foundations of DJing, and picking out tracks that sound good together is an extremely important skill. DJs listen to new music from a variety of genres daily, developing their knowledge and understanding of the music they play and the culture it belongs to.

Now there are many options for finding new music, including paid and free. Social networks and podcasts, streaming services and DJ platforms with a subscription system have appeared. At the same time, in the digital age, one should not forget about the good old music stores, where you can find real classics that cannot be found on the Internet.

  • Bandcamp is one of the best places to find, discover and buy music, if not the best. They have a huge catalog of tracks from many genres. Bandcamp actively supports artists and offers a fair trade music policy. This means that when you buy a track, your money goes to the artists quickly and easily, and the artist or label usually gets 80-85%, which is way more than on most other platforms. Bandcamp has a lot of new and underground artists and is a great place to find non-mainstream and newest music.
  • Another great place to find music is SoundCloud. This platform features millions of tracks and artists, both beginners and those who have already reached the heights of recognition. The first time on SoundCloud can be tricky to navigate. We recommend that you follow artists you like and see who they follow. There are tons of free tracks to download on SoundCloud. As a rule, they are posted by the authors, and for downloading you need to do some action: subscribe to social networks, leave an email or register for some service. You do not need to download tracks illegally and do not copy them with the help of special grabber programs.

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Other music streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music can also be considered as a source of licensed music content for DJs. Then there are Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music, which are also great as a source of songs that DJs can legally and seamlessly use in their activities.

However, when using streaming in DJ performances, it is important to provide familiar mixing capabilities. It is also important to be able to edit and save new metadata for easy track selection. Unlike conventional streaming services, DJ services provide all of these features.

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