Where do DJs get their music for free?

The question of where and how to take music concerns almost all DJs. More precisely, where to get it for free?

The question arises: is there any institution or service that, after paying the appropriate fee, allows you to download mp3 files from your website and legally reproduce them at events? The only option for a DJ is to buy hundreds of CDs?

If you could buy songs individually on the Internet, why buy the entire album, from which only one song will be used, if you can legally buy one song and use it at will, having the right to play it publicly. Better just pay it off.

The streaming service user has unlimited access to a library of files (for example, music albums) offered by a particular service or platform. However, the most important feature of streaming media is that the subscriber does not download songs that he wants to listen to.

The entire process of working with streaming services takes place in a closed application environment that works according to the same principles as traditional libraries. The book can be taken and read, but it still does not belong to you. This is a kind of rental form.

But in practice, the situation does not always comply with the legal requirements of contracts and agreements that streaming services conclude with their free users and paid subscribers. After all, there is no special department in the police or in another service that will control whether a song is legally played, whether it is bought or this pirated play.

Fortunately, there has not yet been a situation (or we have not heard of it) in which lawyers representing Spotify and the «private» user of the application would be involved in a legal dispute. We did not accidentally use the word «private» because the license includes consent to «personal non-commercial use for entertainment purposes», which amounts to a ban on any other than private use of the website. This means that each public performance of music (for example, in a cafe or hotel) is associated with a violation of copyright and user accepted terms of operation of the site.

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Limiting private and non-commercial use should be understood as prohibiting the use of the website for business or financial gain. In practice, this excludes, inter alia, the rental of works available on the website, the use of the website as a source of music by television and radio stations, the use of the website to play music in shops, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and in any other circumstances with functions of public or commercial use.

So, taking music from a streaming service is technically possible, but it’s illegal if the DJ is going to use it publicly. But there are many ways to legally buy music content, for example, in the virtual music store iTunes. It’s legal, but it costs money.

But you can legally purchase content only on those music streaming services that in a contract with users provide for such an opportunity. In fact, there are many of them, especially among those streaming services that have a free version. You can also use the services of third-party special applications, which provide the opportunity to download music for free.

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