Where do DJs get their music?

DJs can be done in different ways. You can simply play music from streaming services using intermediary programs, earning money from it. And you can buy music licensed content and also earn on it. The second method, of course, is much safer and can protect DJ from lawsuits by copyright holders.

There are many stores – iTunes, Beatport, Juno Download, Amazon Music and others. They can purchase fully legal licensed content for commercial use, that is, in DJ.

One of the most convenient ways to select tracks. The advantage of record pools is that they select suitable music for you, create charts of the best tracks and make different versions for them. The record pools work on a monthly subscription, which allows you to download all the tracks that appear on them. DJ City is one of the most popular promo pools in the world. Good service not only with a huge base of DJ-friendly tracks, but also with its tops and trend charts. Sometimes very interesting exclusives and training videos for novice DJs appear here.

There are also a large number of music streaming services that will become simply an inexhaustible source of content for DJs. For example, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify has a music library of more than 70 million tracks in almost all languages ​ ​ of the world. The problem with such services is that in most cases streaming music cannot be downloaded to DJ programs without first changing the format. Such services have a copyright protection system that does not allow pirated use of content.

On YouTube there is a lot of music for every taste. It is not necessary to become a subscriber of YouTube Music, since you can listen for free: songs from clips, tracks poured by artists for familiarization, or songs uploaded by other users.

On the desktops, music with YouTube is easier to listen to – start your favorite video in the browser and switch to another tab or collapse the window. On mobile devices, such a trick will not roll, since the official application YouTube does not allow you to play video in the background. But this restriction can be circumvented by setting NewPipe.

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You can also become a member of online communities or simply establish good relations with a particular artist, and he will be allowed without problems to use his tracks not only for friendly purposes, but also to increase his popularity.

Mixcloud service is an Internet radio aggregator. He will have to be liked by electronic music lovers. Here you will find many sets and mixes of both little-known and venerable DJs. Various genres are subjected to creative processing here. No one will feel deprived. Listening to music is allowed for free. You don’t even need registration. But if you create a free account, get access to the social side of Mixcloud. For example, you can share your favorite mixes with others. And novice DJs will have the option to fill their works on the site to present them to the world.

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