Where Is Deezer Located And Operating?

Music streaming service Deezer was born in France in 2007. This French development immediately became popular in the music market, as it offered many innovative features. Paris was the birthplace of service in France.

Today, the music library of this streaming platform has almost 90 million tracks of licensed music, about 30,000 radio stations, tens of millions of playlists, as well as about 30 million active monthly users, of which about half have signed up for a paid subscription to the services of the service. Deezer can be considered a multi-platform service, available on multiple devices.

 The main office of the French streaming service is located in Ile-de-France, this is the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Those people who were lucky enough to visit the main office of the company claim that it is very creative and has the most modern design.

Where Is Deezer Located And Operating

The future of Deezer is difficult to predict today. This platform of French origin dominates the French market. But it doesn’t have a lot of global subscribers compared to the leaders of the global music streaming market, but its growth is slowing down.

 Currently majority owned by Len Blavatnik, a Russian-born Anglo-American tycoon whose holding company is active in oil and gas (EP Energy), venture capital (Access Technology), real estate (Grand-Hоtel du Cap Ferrat) and which also owns a majority stake in Warner Music Group. This good financial and music company is protecting Deezer from exiting the market, which without it it would not have avoided, for lack of funds. However, its owner may choose to donate it with or without Warner during a future rotation of their portfolio of assets.

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Today Deezer operates in 185 countries around the world. But at the time of his birth in 2007, he was not as famous as he is today. The ascent to the top of the musical Olympus for this service began with the signing of a contract with the four largest world-class labels, then contracts were signed with smaller participants in the music market. At the very beginning of its activity, the French streaming service had financial problems. At first, a large share of the profits had to be invested in the development of the company, and advertising revenue did not yet cover all the costs incurred by the streaming service.

But already in 2008, this platform began to independently create and engage in advertising, creating its own branded advertising agency. Deezer operates on all continents except China, India, some countries in Indochina, Iran and some countries in East Africa.

At the moment, the French streaming service has practically no prospects for mastering the colossal market of China and India. In the same way, the leaders of the world market of streaming music, the Swedish service Spotify, do not have them either. These countries, where about one third of all potential users in the world are concentrated, have a very strict information policy that does not allow the promotion of Western information, music and video services to local and regional markets.

Deezer, who conveniently located his head office almost in the center of the French capital, can be considered a successful project that has become not only the leader of the French market, but has also taken its rightful place among its peers in the streaming music industry around the world.

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