Where Is Deezer Popular?

The popular French streaming service Deezer was born in Paris in 2007. Many years have passed since then, but this streaming platform continues to grow and develop around the world.

Music streaming is not lacking in supply, which is a good thing because demand is growing year by year, seeking to diversify digital usage. But the market is quite oligopolistic, as it is actually held by a handful of players. Among the most popular services are Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, SoundCloud or even Napster and Qobuz.

But French music lovers are quite chauvinistic. In France, the Parisian platform Deezer really has the best rating. The French music streaming service generated 1.16 million searches per month on in 2021. Deezer is quite clearly ahead of one of the giants of the sector, Sweden’s Spotify, which concentrated 829,760 searches per month. It is followed by YouTube Music (566,000 searches) and German platform SoundCloud (381,667 searches).

Where Is Deezer Popular

Deezer not only dominates search in France, but is also the master of traffic. The service recorded an average of 7.66 million visits per month. Deezer enjoys an honorable reputation around the world, but this time around it doesn’t compare to its usual competitors in France. Between May 2020 and May 2021 globally, Spotify generated 303 million requests per month through Google, ahead of SoundCloud (233 million requests) and YouTube Music (53.4 million requests).

Deezer is a French music streaming app that has grown to become the largest music repertoire on the market with 75 million titles in its music library. In addition to albums, EPs (Extended Play) and singles, Deezer also offers a range of podcasts, radio stations and sessions specially recorded for Deezer.

Its Flow feature suggests music in the style you like and is selected based on the songs you listen to every day and your playlists. If you feel like listening to a song, turn your listening experience into karaoke thanks to the lyrics displayed on your phone.

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Today Dizer successfully operates in 185 countries on all continents. The French music streaming service is especially popular in Europe and North America. It is in these regions of the world that the bulk of the free and paid users of the streaming platform are located. iBut the world’s most promising markets, in particular China, are closed to the French streaming service, as is the Indian music market. This situation is explained by the very strict information policy of the authorities of these countries, which consider the presence and predominance of Western streaming services in the markets of these countries as a threat to national security.

Deezer Free allows you to enjoy random online playback but without ads. Deezer Premium at €10.99 per month and Deezer Student at €5.99 have the same features as mentioned above. The Deezer Family Formula, priced at €17.99 per month, allows you to create 6 profiles. For these three formulas, Deezer is offering you a three-month free trial. Also note that High Fidelity Sound is available to all subscribers of the paid offer. An annual subscription to Deezer Premium now costs 98.90 euros.

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