Where Is Music Stored On My iPhone?

If you are a happy owner of the iPhone, then it is likely that you have encountered some of the shortcomings of this gadget. More precisely, the smartphone itself is almost perfect and very technologically advanced, but its software is sometimes somewhat lame from the point of view of users.

If you love music, then you must have been disappointed that your Apple gadget simply does not have any music and some other useful applications.

iTunes is a key program for users of apple devices. Through it, the device is activated, music, audiobooks, etc. are downloaded. You can download it from the Apple website. Also, this program allows you to download and update devices on iOS. You need to connect the device and on the right side of the page the program will highlight the possibility of updating. Before updating, disable all antiviruses and firewalls.

The operating system is closed. You cannot view the list of operating system files and use the device as a USB flash drive. This is at the same time an advantage. iOS is the most secure system in the world. You cannot install your application as a file or it is very difficult. Applications can only be taken from the AppStore.

But if you are interested in exactly where the music is stored on the iPhone, then you will need to open the files of your smartphone through a computer.

The path will look like this: private-var-mobile-Media-iTunes-Control-Music. Here you can find all the music that is stored in your device.

To save melodies from your computer to your gadget, you will need to install the iTunes synchronization program on it. After connecting the phone to the PC, open the program and there you will see your mobile device.

Now you can quite officially transfer music from a PC to an iPhone, but first you need to add it to the program itself, and only then drag it from it to your phone.

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After disabling synchronization, the downloaded songs will be available for listening and deleting in the “Music” section, which is located in the main menu of the iPhone.

Sometimes the task is to record new music on the iPhone, but on a Mac, iTunes does not have the one that is already on the phone, and iTunes only offers to delete the music and record a new one. To do this, you first need to transfer all the music from the iPhone to the computer, then add this music to iTunes and synchronize with the iPhone, since the names of the albums and artists are saved. As a result, you will have the same music, but now you can delete and add other music through iTunes.

The best option would be to use the music streaming service Apple Music. This is the development of a corporation from Cupertino, which is on all the gadgets of this company and interacts perfectly with them.

With this music streaming app, you don’t need to purchase new music and pay for it separately in the store. Over 70 million licensed tracks are at your service. The library of the American streaming service is really just huge.

Using Apple Music, you do not need to clutter up the memory of your gadget. All you need is a stable internet connection. The application perfectly interacts with the ecosystem of gadgets from Apple.

Apple Music is priced realistically at $9.99 per month after a three-month free trial period for new subscribers. There is a student half discount as well as a family plan for six independent accounts.

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