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Where is your music library?

Have you ever wanted to switch from one music service to another, but found it too difficult? Have you ever wanted to download your favorite album or playlist, but just couldn’t find the time? makes this process seamless and easy for any user. 

Do you want to enjoy all your favorite music in one place? You might have a collection of CDs and records, but they don’t sync with the rest of your digital library. That’s where comes in! The site has been designed for users who use multiple audio streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Google Play Music or Pandora. Once registered, Musconv allows users to import their existing collections into its own database from sites like YouTube and SoundCloud without worrying about doing the footwork.

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But where do we store all the music? 

Musconv doesn’t actually store music but rather allows you to transfer any track (using remote servers)using its outstanding less-than-$2-a-month service that allows you to transfer your music from one of the world’s best audio streaming system to another. We may hold on to one or two of your tracks in the process though if you have exceptionally good taste (just don’t tell anyone). 

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