Where To Start As DJ?

In general, DJing is more of a passion than a profession. However, if you love what you do, you can go anywhere with it. You can download and install any DJ software that is proven to improve your performance and help you build rapport with your audience. It is important that you download the software from an authorized and official website and not from an unauthorized third party website.

Until the early 1990s, the only mixing option for DJs was a couple of turntables. But, in about 25 years, digital technologies have completely changed and expanded the meaning of the concept of “DJing”.

Anyone who wants to DJ can start anywhere. But first, decide what kind of music you want to play, second, how you want to play it, and third, consider your budget. In the meantime, we have chosen for you several types of equipment that combine both quality and affordable prices. Of course, “the more you give, the more you get”, but first you need to familiarize yourself with the history of DJing, and then you will understand that a lot can be done with the simplest tools.

The easiest way to start DJing is to get a controller. You will need a laptop or computer to which you will need to connect the controller, then install the software, load a few tracks, and you are ready to go. But the choice of a controller is a separate issue, the market is very saturated, so it’s hard to understand which one is worth taking and which one is not.

Native Instruments has a 100% proven track record in this area. The connection between their Traktor DJ software and the controllers they have developed is so good that it has remained unsurpassed for 20 years. After a lull due to the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, they recently announced a host of new products, including new versions of two of their most popular DJ controllers.

Other manufacturers have tried to challenge the status quo, but with DJs relying primarily on the company’s proprietary software, Rekordbox, Pioneer has cornered the market.

If you dream of playing your tracks in clubs and festivals, you must learn how to play the equipment that is available in these places.

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The problem with the Pioneer CDJ-2000 is that it’s too expensive for most people, but for them the manufacturer offers one great solution.

Yes, the cost of the CDJ-2000 makes them out of reach for many, but Pioneer offers a more affordable range – the XDJ. They are smaller, with less physical control and no CD drive. However, the software installed on the XDJ is virtually identical to the software on the CDJ-2000 NXS2, as well as the touchscreen and most of its other features. This is an effective way to hone your skills at home without losing a lot of money.

Plus, not only is this useful for archiving your record collection, it means that if you find yourself in a club with turntables in bad shape, you can still play your favorite tracks via USB using the CDJ.

But also remember, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience, so connect with friends who already own turntables or head to a music store and practice there.

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