Where Was Resso Born?

Resso is an interesting music streaming app that provides an alternative to other famous music streaming services. It was created by the TikTok development team. The app owner claims that Resso is the first app to combine music streaming with interactive activities like social media. Resso offers not only listening to your favorite music artists, but also sharing music both on the platform itself and on various social networks and even instant messengers. This can be done automatically by adding lyrics or so-called “vibes”, simple background videos that reflect the dynamics of the music. According to him, people who cannot imagine their life without music at the age of 16 to 24 love to transfer their experiences and moods to the appropriate songs and music. By the way, it is the representatives of generation Z, according to statistics, that make up the largest proportion of users of this music streaming application.

Where Was Resso Born

Resso is owned by the Chinese private holding company ByteDance Ltd., which owns several other popular services, including TikTok, and is one of the top five Chinese Internet companies. Although officially registered in the Cayman Islands, the main office is still located in Beijing.

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The Resso app was tested in India and Indonesia in December 2019 and officially launched in March 2020. To date, this application is used in three countries: India, Indonesia and Brazil. This music streaming service offers a free subscription (with obligatory listening to ads) and for a certain monthly fee (no listening to ads). The service also provides a VIP Free Trial (free trial period) for 20 days, during which no ads will be played and all the functions of a paid subscription will be available. Users can get this access by inviting a friend who buys a subscription, or by getting a certain number of likes on a Vibe they’ve created.

And yet, the main distinguishing feature of this music streaming application, which is especially valuable for subscribers and just users, is its social component. Users have the opportunity to correspond, publish comments about the content of musical content. They can also share songs and music with each other while online music plays in the background. It should be said that such an innovation is exclusive.

Currently, Resso still presents some competition to other online music streaming services. And its development makes it possible to assume the distribution of Resso in other countries. Although, most likely, its appearance on the markets of other countries will be with certain features in order to be able to look more profitable in the light of its competitors.

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