How do you download songs on Apple music?

Apple Music is the traditional choice if you’re a hardcore fan of the ecosystem (although there are other ones you may like more once you try them, which is why MusConv supports transferring tracks to and from dozens of the world’s most popular systems around). 

However, an also formidable choice that was thumbed up by 280 000 000 users all around the world is the industry founder Spotify with its mastodon collection of tracks and a stellar reputation for caring about the way users feel. 

Its Free Plan is famous around the world for convenience and ease of use, which you can easily experience for yourself once you get your hands on the Spotify app. 

We have to warn you that the Free Plan does not support downloading music on your iPhone to make it available offline. 

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However, for only a handful of dollars, you can make Spotify and all its wonderful features yours, which will also include being able to add tracks to your playlist, going to Songs, and making them available offline. When a song is finished downloading go to Menu – Settings – Playback and enable Offline Mode. You can get the app for free here

Sound too simple? You can try it for yourself and find out why hundreds of millions around the world are so fanatic about it. 

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