Which App Is Best For Listening Songs Offline?

Listening to your favorite music on your smartphone is convenient and simple. You can do this on the road, on the street, doing household chores. To play tracks, you need a good audio player. All of them support the main Android music formats, as well as lossless, including FLAC.

In order to listen to songs without the Internet, you need to save them to your phone. Some music players have the option to keep tracks on the device for 30 days. If during this period there was no connection to the World Wide Web, they are erased. If you have accessed the Internet, the songs will remain in memory until they are deleted or until the time period has elapsed since the last update on the Web.

You can adjust the saving of files: automatically download all playable files or download the ones you need manually. Opposite the tracks or at the top of the player page there is a download button. Offline mode can be activated manually when you need to save traffic. About what conditions are provided for offline music playback in applications, there is information on the websites of their developers.

The weight of the installation file is approximately 25 – 50 MB. Programs for downloading music during their work do not take up much space in the device’s memory. It is important to consider that hundreds of downloaded audio files can take up a gigabyte or more.

Which App Is Best For Listening Songs Offline

SoundCloud is mostly a non-commercial application aimed at promoting new music. Using a branded player, you get access to fresh, just opened music. In addition to audio tracks, there are also shows, podcasts, stand-ups and more.

SoundCloud Player Features:

1. Tracking music trends: listening to new releases.

2. Search for audio tracks in the music database: artist name, song title and other input data.

3. Navigation through the library with the ability to filter and sort.

4. Convenient built-in music player for your phone.

5. Organize music on Android, add to favorites, create playlists and share them with other users.

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Free radio with thousands of tracks of all genres is integrated into the program. Create your own radio stations by choosing singers, bands, compositions, albums. In addition, a quick convenient search by style, genre, epoch and other parameters that can be set in the filter is at your service. It is possible to download 50 thousand audio tracks from your collection for listening on PC and mobile devices.

There are paid and free, as well as family subscriptions. You can upload your own tracks for free, create radio stations, access podcasts, create playlists according to personal preferences. Among the paid tariffs, the most profitable is the family one (for 6 people).

For an additional fee, access to more than 75 million tracks is provided, the ability to listen to music without access to the network, the complete absence of advertising messages.

The undoubted advantages of SoundCloud include a user-friendly player interface and a huge database of unique music. If we talk about the shortcomings, then we should note the lack of a system of music recommendations and numerous ads in the free version, which unexpectedly interrupts the broadcast of streaming music.

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