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Which artists are not on Spotify?

It would seem that to gain real popularity, your songs have to be heard everywhere, especially on top streaming services like Spotify. Most famous artists do enjoy the privileges of this global music service but there are also those performers who don’t choose Spotify due to certain reasons. So, which artists are not on Spotify,and what is the reason for that?

Which artists are not on Spotify?

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Until recently, one of the world’s highest-paid singers, Taylor Swift was against publishing her music on Spotify. Taylor thinks that music should be paid for, as it is a result of hard work and should not be underestimated.

But a few years ago, Spotify’s CEO convinced Taylor to publish her songs on the platform, as millions of fans were waiting for her songs to appear on Spotify. Now Taylor Swift has 55 million listeners monthly, and it is a very good result.

If you’re a fan of legendary music, then you probably know that the world-famous British band the Beatles is against publishing their songs on Spotify. The band has a contract with iTunes, so, that service has the exclusive right to publish Beatles songs on its platform. But it’s not that simple. If a song was released more than 56 years ago, then various resources have the right to publish it on their platform. The Beatles started in 1960, so you can only find some of their songs on Spotify.

Some artists refuse to publish certain albums on Spotify because it prevents them from achieving certain goals. For example, Coldplay refused to publish Ghost Stories on Spotify. This may have helped the album become number one on the Billboard charts. By the way, it’s a common phenomenon among famous artists not to publish albums that should become legendary on Spotify.

World-famous rapper Dr.Dre has also decided not to release his music on Spotify. He also has an exclusive deal with Apple Music, and it prohibits publishing his songs on other platforms. However, you can hear one of his 2001 albums on Spotify.

You’ve probably heard at least one example of collaboration with world-famous rapper Jay-Z. He rejected the offers to share his music content on Spotify too, and he is the owner of Tidal.

As you can see, major world-famous stars publish their songs on Spotify, as it is the most popular platform nowadays. But some of them are not willing to share all their albums or individual tracks on Spotify. Also, if you see a particular singer’s song on Spotify, it doesn’t mean he permitted to publish it.

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