Which Countries Will BTS Visit In 2023?

The mega-popular boy band from South Korea, BTS, has gained fame as a unique musical group. With his appearance on the world stage, a new era began in some way.

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2013. The group has gained mega popularity due to their unique musical style and careful selection of members. It should be noted that BTS falls into the category of their own ode to synthetic, artificial music groups. If the legendary Beatles were a completely natural association of creative people who independently created a unique team, then BTS was created by producers. In this case, each of the performers has his own role, which he plays according to the idea of the author of the script.

In addition, BTS has a significant fanbase in North America, Europe, and other regions, showing that the group’s music and message resonates with people from different cultures and backgrounds. The fanbase has been credited with playing a major role in the group’s success and popularity. BTS fans also known as ARMYs, organize events, fan projects, and fan clubs to support the group, making a global fanbase. BTS has gained international fame and has become one of the most popular music groups in the world, with a massive following in Asia, North America and Europe.

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BTS was created by Big Hit Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company founded by CEO Bang Si-hyuk in 2005. The company has also managed other artists such as TXT and GFRIEND. Big Hit Entertainment has been credited with helping to popularize the “idol” culture in South Korea, and BTS has been one of the company’s most successful acts.

In 2023, the group announced their concerts in the United States of America, Brazil, Japan and Saudi Arabia, as well as in their homeland. Guests from South Korea will be welcomed by the same fans from London and Paris, where the popular group is also scheduled to perform in April 2023.

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