Which DAW Do Professionals Use?

There are dozens of programs for making music in the world. Cubase, ProTools, Logic, Ableton, Studio one, Fruity Loops…. This is not a complete list. Each of these programs has its own set of functions, tools, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the selection of a program from the category of software for creating and editing music becomes an exclusively individual matter. Below we highlight a few programs that are typically used by professionals in the music industry.

 Let’s start with Steinberg Nuendo / Cubase. We have combined these programs into one group for several reasons. Firstly, these are programs from the same manufacturer, and secondly, they have very similar interfaces and functionality. They do not differ much, and Steinberg itself positions them as follows:

• Cubase is a software product primarily for musicians and composers. Provides all the necessary tools for quick recording and editing of musical material;

• Nuendo – DAW, positioned for any professional work. Post-pro, voice acting, film and television. Has advanced automation capabilities, supports a large number of controllers, EDL export. A monster machine for everything. Cubase is one of the most popular programs today. Unlike Nuendo, it has stripped-down versions, some of which are distributed with hardware from different manufacturers.

Which Daw Do Professionals Use

It is worth mentioning that it was Steinberg who invented the VST technology back in 1996. Both programs are cross-platform. There is an application for iOS devices – Cubasis.

Apple Logic Pro X is also very popular, especially among Apple gadget users. Initially positioned for EDM and Hip-Hop, today it has a much wider application and a fairly simple interface. On the one hand, Apple Logic is an improved GarageBand, on the other, it provides quite professional capabilities for recording and editing music. It is appreciated by users precisely for its ease of use, reliability, built-in plug-ins and relatively low cost.

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Pro Tools is very popular among professionals. Despite the presence of native versions, maximum performance, sound quality and minimum latency, this software product shows exactly when used on its hardware platform.

Learning to work with Pro Tools is much more difficult than learning with other DAWs. However, if the user wants to create and work in a professional studio, then the time spent will be rewarded a hundredfold. The software is available in several versions, including a free demo of Pro Tools First with a 16-track limit. Pro Tools Ultimate is the hardware accelerated premium version, and just Pro Tools is the basic configuration.

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