Which DJ Software Is Best?

The growing popularity of controllers means that these types of devices are now relatively cheap, easy to use and transport, and outperform many classic consoles in terms of functionality. Manufacturers flood us with more and more equipment, so it’s easy to get lost. As a result, we downplay the importance of the software problem, but this is one of the most important things we need to pay attention to.

A few years ago, most of the equipment released to the market worked with almost every available application. Today it looks a little different, a significant number of new controllers are released to work with one specific program, which sometimes complicates the situation, since in some cases we may lose access to some functions of this model.

Before we make a specific choice, it is worth thinking about what software we want to work with, because it may happen that it stays with us longer than the controller, but we will have a proven base and relevant knowledge if we have further plans. to purchase other equipment.

We have many different software versions on the net in demo versions that we can download and test. After all, there are so many of them that it will take a long time before we find something for ourselves and then study the basic operation.

Initially, there are four top programs. This:

• Virtual DJ

• Tractor DJ

• Serato DJ

• Rekordbox

Virtual DJ has been used by many aspiring DJs. It offers a clean and fairly simple interface for not very demanding users. The program has its own engine for decoding mp3 files, thanks to which one of the advantages is higher sound quality than in other applications. With good quality equipment, the difference is noticeable.

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Traktor is the hardest software to learn. This is influenced by a large number of options and configuration options. The most advanced algorithms for automatic tempo matching, which are relatively reliable, making it very popular among DJs working in clubs.

Serato is a growing program in the United States. Quite intuitive, reliable and stable. We can say that it will be a big competitor to Tractor, but the program works correctly only with dedicated controllers or mixers. An interesting fact is that the program does not have an option to automatically adjust the tempo, so it is considered the most demanding of the listed.

Rekordbox is mainly used for cataloging and preparing songs for collaboration with Pioneer players. In addition, it can be used to classify and search for music stored on your computer and media. With this app, you can tag, listen to and comment on songs, and even prepare entire collections of tracks.

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