Which Has Better Paylists – Apple Music Or Spotify?

Music streaming companies have long become an integral part of people’s daily lives. They allow you to legally listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere for a relatively small fee, without downloading it to your device. Music lovers have already appreciated the convenience of using music services, but for some, the question of choosing a particular music streaming service remains open. And here the content of the music library, the selection of playlists and the convenience of their use play an important role.

The most popular streaming companies Apple Music and Spotify, whose geography has already spread to almost the whole world, are direct competitors in the field of streaming music. As a result, both music services put a lot of emphasis on compiling and updating playlists. By the way, it’s easier to keep track of your favorite artists album updates in Spotify, since Apple Music will need third-party services, such as Music Harbor, for this. Spotify, on the other hand, directly highlights information, albeit a short one, about new releases in music albums or compositions.

Spotify’s music library has 80 million tracks, while Apple Music has close to 90 million. It should be noted that these numbers are constantly growing, because both streaming platforms are steadily following the news and development of the music industry, replenishing their music libraries with new compositions of different genres and directions.

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Spotify, like Apple Music, offers many playlists. In Spotify, they are created by music experts from different countries. If the user likes a certain musical composition, then Apple Music will prepare a list of recommendations based on this. In Spotify, in addition to recommendations, this song will automatically add to the list of your personal media library. Users relate to this in different ways: someone likes such a service, but someone is annoyed. Any Spotify user can create their own playlists or view and download them from friends. The Spotify music service offers ready-made playlists based not only on genres and artists, but also on the different moods that a user can have under different circumstances.

Apple Music’s AI-powered music recommendation system is something the streaming service is very proud of. Indeed, here you can find playlists whose names correspond to different life situations, but the compositions in them can be very contradictory. This once again leads the user to create their own media library, which does not suit everyone. In addition, users claim that Apple Music playlists are too short in time. This is another minus when compared with Spotify. Although playlists such as “Only hits” or “Top 100” are very popular. In addition, do not forget that the music streaming service Apple Music is famous for its exclusive playlists, which subscribers respond positively to.

But a user who prefers to listen to their favorite music from their own selection should take into account that Apple Music can delete an individual library in case of unsubscribing. Even if the user becomes a subscriber again, he will not be able to restore the previous library.

However, more and more music lovers are joining the use of one or another music streaming service, finding comfort and pleasure in it. The choice depends on individual tastes and priorities.

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