Which Is Better Amazon Music Or YouTube Music?

Both services that we want to talk about are among the leaders of the global music market. These are very popular music streaming services with tens and hundreds of millions of music lovers all over the world.

Amazon Music is a music service owned by the richest company in the world, was created in 2007. The exact number of users of the service as of 2022 is unknown.

YouTube Music was created to replace Google Music and gradually replaced the original music listening service. Even though YouTube Music was founded in 2015, it wasn’t until 5 years later that it became Google’s main streaming platform. It is currently available in over 170 countries.

Of course, there are countless music videos available on YouTube and you can watch them directly on YT Music. Apart from the website owned by Google, Tidal also deals with music videos. Currently, there are over 250,000 of them, and their number is constantly increasing. You won’t watch music videos if you plan to subscribe to Amazon, Deezer, and Apple Music. Spotify only plans to introduce music videos.

Amazon Music is completely free in its basic version, but it comes with a significant number of options limitations. There is a paid version of the platform in which you can access all the functionality.

Amazon Music Unlimited comes with 3 plans:

• Individual – €3.99 – Unlimited access to the entire Amazon music database, no ads.

• Family – €5.99 – Individual plan options for up to six separate accounts.

• Unlimited for Echo/FireTV – 1.99 euros – this is how much the Unlimited version for Echo, Dot, Tap, FireTV devices costs.

Payment can only be made by credit card. Additionally available service Amazon Music HD, allowing you to listen to music in the highest quality. It costs $5 per month plus the cost of your plan. The first 3 months the service is free for Unlimited.

YouTube Music is also completely free in the basic version, but if you want the full range of features, then you need to subscribe to a paid premium subscription.

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YouTube Music has two plans:

• Premium – 9.99 euros – songs from YouTube Music without ads, the ability to download songs and play after turning off the screen, which is very welcome in YT.

• Family – 12.99 euros – Premium version for up to six people under one roof.

You can pay for YouTube Music with a credit card or add a cost to your mobile subscription.

The first thought when using YT Music is simplicity. But we can safely say that only in a positive sense. The library itself is linked to the YouTube music you like. You can discover music through news, charts, moods and genres.

So, the decision is directly up to the music lover himself. But it’s better to try using the free version of both services. This will give an understanding of which one is more suitable for you in principle.

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