Which is better: Apple Music or Spotify?

Both Spotify and Apple Music have many fans. However, if you’re just considering which is better Apple Music or Spotify, try to analyze basic features to compare them.

Not many people talk about it, but Apple Music and Spotify have completely different ways of interacting with music. Spotify has more of a themed playlist approach, while Apple Music is the ideal service for listening to your music collection.

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Spotify is a favorite service for many people precisely because of the recommendations. The algorithms pick tracks perfectly based on your preferences. When you sign up, you select your favorite artists and every day the service will compile playlists according to genre, and artist. The more tracks you listen to, the more accurate the recommendations are.

Apple Music in this sense is far behind: recommended content does not always coincide with the interests of the user, and songs with thousands of dislikes could be easily added to the playlist “For you”.

The number of tracks

Spotify is known for its vast music library, with 50 million tracks and 4 billion playlists currently available for its users.

Apple Music claims to have 60 million tracks in its library. However, there are no podcasts here, unlike in Spotify, and you’ll have to download an additional app for that.

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Is it worth switching to Spotify?

If you listen to music all the time and suffer from the lack of capacity to find something new, then the answer is yes, definitely worth to select the Spotify portal.

However, if you’re using Apple Music, and you’re happy with everything, Spotify won’t offer any innovative solutions, but the choice is yours!

Anyway, if you decide to migrate from one service to another, the service MusConv will help you to transfer all your favorite tracks or albums without any difficulties.

This platform works with more than 50 streaming music portals, and it is very reliable.

Which is better Apple Music or Spotify?