Which Is Better: Deezer Or Spotify?

Both Spotify and Deezer are among the world’s leading music streaming services. But only Spotify has been the undisputed leader for many years in a row, and Deezer is in the top ten nominees.

Deezer or Spotify: Which Should You Choose? Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to use a certain service, so we made a thorough qualitative comparison of the two programs and prepared a detailed answer.

Let’s start with a brief description – both platforms provide users with the opportunity to connect and listen to millions of tracks, podcasts or radio stations.

Of course, both platforms can be used in a free mode (with some restrictions on functionality). What conclusion can be drawn? The first contender has expanded options for choosing a subscription (several diverse options), but the second is more affordable, offers better sound quality and a larger selection of tracks.

 Which Is Better: Deezer Or Spotify

We will not compare the design, the design is purely a matter of taste. The interface of both applications is almost the same, the control is simple and intuitive. The main tabs are on the left, the player is on the bottom, and the playlist is in the center.

The fundamental difference between the two popular streaming services is the number of subscribers and their distribution around the world. If Spotify today has more than 380 million active monthly users worldwide, and half of them signed up for a paid subscription, then Deezer’s numbers are almost ten times less.

It is Spotify that is most often used by artists around the world to receive royalties from streaming music. This streaming platform is attractive to them because it accounts for almost a third of all music streams in the world. The performance of the French streaming service is much more modest.

If we compare the media library of the two streaming platforms, then Spotify has more, although not by much.

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The new music collections of the Swedish green giant are much larger than the national music that came here from around the world. Therefore, almost everyone in any corner of the world can find a song in their native language. Of course, we are talking about songs in the main languages ​​of the peoples of the world.

The French streaming service, of course, although it has the status of one of the world leaders, cannot boast of such a wide territorial coverage. That is why here you can most often hear songs in English, French and Spanish, as well as in German, Italian and several other most common languages. First of all, its musical content is designed for the European consumer.

The geographic coverage of the French streaming platform is much smaller than that of Spotify. Today, the service officially operates in fifty countries of the world, periodically expanding into new territories. Spotify is ready to work in almost 200 countries around the world

Which is better: Spotify or Deezer is up to you. Judging by the reviews, the first platform is liked by those who like smart collections and are always looking for new tracks – the recommendation system works great. But the second is the choice of those who appreciate a better sound.

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