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Which Is Better HULU Or YouTube?

Gone are the days when people used cable cords to watch TV. People around the world are slowly shifting towards streaming services. These services are better for obvious reasons. With legacy cable boxes, users spend more on 100+ channels they never watch. Hence, people are shifting towards streaming services.

And YouTube TV VS HULU are the two top video services that drive the streaming service segment. People are always confused about which streaming service they should choose between HULU VS YouTube TV.

In order to make the right choice, you need to consider all the advantages of these two streaming services. Cost plays a major role when it comes to HULU TV VS YouTube TV. Both services have the same plans – $65 per month, with a free trial for seven days.

However, it is clear to see that YouTube TV is cost effective after seeing the benefits. YouTube TV offers three users to watch at the same time, at the same time it provides more than 85 channels with unlimited Cloud DVR storage. The only drawback is that YouTube TV does not allow offline viewing.

Speaking of subscription plans, hidden cost also plays a major role here. In the battle of HULU VS YouTube TV, YouTube TV has no hidden cost. But this is not the same case with Hulu. If users are to have unlimited concurrent streams and 200 hours of DVR cloud storage, they will need to spend an additional $15 each month.

Having a HULU PLUS Live TV subscription gives users all the on-demand movies and TV shows available on HULU’s standard service, along with thousands of original episodes.

Hulu Plus Live TV users can upgrade their plans for an additional $6 to get rid of ads from many shows, although some will still display ads. In general, if you pay more money, you will get more service. However, when it comes to original and on-demand content, Hulu seems to dominate.

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YouTube TV comes with on-demand movies and TVs from different shows and networks, much like other cable services. The service also provides ad-free YouTube originals. However, this is not enough to counter HULU.

When it comes to DVR, YouTube TV is second to none. There is no service in the industry that provides unlimited storage and keeps your records for nine months. On the other hand, Hulu offers you 50 hours of cloud video recorder. In addition to this, users must reveal an extra $10 monthly for 200 hours with DVR Space. This takes the total number of HULU users to nearly $81, which is more than YouTube TV. However, users get one benefit that they don’t have a time limit (9 months on YouTube TV) to save content.

To sum it up, the YouTube TV interface is easier to use, not just for people using the standard YouTube service. Whether you’re using the app or the desktop versions, the service provides a streamlined experience, even if it’s not as good as HULU. On the flip side, Hulu launched a new user interface in 2021 that has raised the quality of the service. The UI is simpler and brighter to use and users search for content they desire to view.

Both services have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. People can choose any of the services according to their needs. But it’s clear that YouTube TV is the winner of the two.

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