Which Is Better - Serato Lite Or Pro?

In this new short beginner’s guide, we’ll try to explain what digital DJ software is, what its benefits are, and what programs DJs use.

Let’s start with Serato DJ, founded and developed in New Zealand by Steve West and AJ Berstensow. It is the leading brand on the market and is used and respected by many world famous DJs.

Serato digital DJing software is used by leading manufacturers of DJ equipment.

Important: Be sure to check which software a particular DJ controller works with before purchasing.

Serato itself does not manufacture DJ equipment, but from time to time participates in collaborations with manufacturers of iconic models.

As of early 2022, the company offers two versions of DJ software called Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite.

As a rule, a license for an older version is included in a set of more expensive and functional equipment. And the younger version comes bundled with the base models. It is logical to imagine that the functionality and breadth of possibilities of Serato DJ Pro far exceed those of Serato DJ Lite. But you should not necessarily strive to use the older version of the software: if you are a beginner DJ and use the basic functions of the equipment, the capabilities of Serato DJ Lite will be enough.

Both versions of the software can be purchased from the Serato website. But prices can sometimes vary significantly. That is why it is important to pay attention to which version of the Serato software is included in the delivery.

Serato programs support DVS (Digital Vinyl System) digital vinyl DJing systems. This feature allows DJs using turntables to work with digital files on a computer. Traktor software from Native Instruments, Serato’s main competitor, provides the same opportunity.

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Serato DJ software offers an intuitive and easy to use interface. Track information is displayed at the top of the screen in white on a dark background. Waveforms and playlists are displayed in the middle of the screen. The layout of the blocks is customizable and can be changed according to the needs. The same goes for their size and positioning vertically or horizontally.

Organizing your media libraries in Serato is also simple and intuitive, creating or adding playlists or crates as they are called in Serato by clicking on the box image.

Serato also has an additional feature called smart crates that allows you to apply rules to individual playlists, sort them by artist, album, BPM, key and more. This adds to the ease of quickly selecting tracks during a performance.

Nearby are the playback controls and effects. The use of key functions such as setting Hot Cue marks, enabling synchronization, quantizing tracks and applying effects in the program has been tried to be as convenient as possible.

Serato products are great software for unleashing the creativity of the DJ. It is highly reliable and enjoys well-deserved respect. Along with Traktor, Serato’s DVS capabilities are the benchmark.

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