Which is better: Spotify or Apple Music?

Due to a large number of streaming services on the market, there is increased competition between them. Users are also confused about which service to choose. To help you navigate your way, we’ll talk about the real giants of the streaming music world. These platforms attract more users than their competitors, and it means they have some special features that distinguish them from the rest ones. So, let’s talk about which is better: Spotify or Apple Music?

Which is better: Spotify or Apple Music?

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Spotify is much older than its opponent, it appeared 9 years ago. During this time, its developers have already managed to win over music fans and tried to know what they needed.

Apple Music in its turn offers a very similar set of features. And despite the later launch date of the application, it is considered as much successful as Spotify. 

However, at the moment, Spotify still has more subscribers. One of the main reasons for this statistic is that it offers absolutely free usage. The only inconveniences are annoying advertising and some restrictions regarding listening to tracks.

In the case of Apple Music, the service offers you only a 3-month free period. After that, you’ll have to buy a subscription or stop using streaming.

As for the cost of individual and family subscriptions, it’s the same for the two services. Here’s what you get in both cases when you pay for a subscription:

  • opportunity to play music in any order and without ads;
  • access to all music content, including exclusive sections;
  • the ability to save songs for offline listening.

However, despite their similarities, Spotify and Apple Music have many differences. Some of them may not be noticed at the beginning, but they play a big role, indeed.

  1. Quantity of tariff plans. As we mentioned above, the price for the main types of subscriptions is the same. But Spotify also offers profitable packages like Student, Premium Duo, and Spotify Kids.
  2. Limits of the music library. Apple Music limits contain up to 100,000 songs for users. Spotify, on the other hand, has removed all restrictions regarding this.
  3. Sound quality. With the latest update, Apple Music leads in this category with sound quality up to 24-bit/192 kHz.
  4. Content quantity. Spotify currently offers around 82 million tracks and Apple Music 90 million in total. The last one offers more varied content. But, if you like a huge number of playlists, you definitely should choose Spotify.
  5. Music matching algorithms. This is what everyone loves Spotify for. The developers managed to make the service give in a recommendation for those tracks that you definitely like.

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If you still haven’t decided which of these two services is the best, try to use them both. The special application Musconv will help you! Simply synchronize your music libraries between both platforms. To find out how to do it just follow the instructions on our website.