Which is better, Spotify or Youtube Music?

Music is a powerful force in people’s lives. Whether you’re doing homework, writing an essay, or working on the latest coding project, music can make the task easier and more enjoyable. But what about when it comes to deciding which service to use? There are so many out there that picking one seems like a chore. The best way to decide is by reading this article! So read on for some help with choosing between Spotify and YouTube Music!

Whether we are alone or with friends, music can set the mood and make any situation better. There are many ways to listen to music: by downloading songs on your phone, listening to the radio in your car, or using Spotify or YouTube as a source for music. 

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Here’s what these services can offer you. Spotify: a free plan that grants you access to dozens of millions of tracks for free, tons of customizable features you’ll love, from the world’s (probably) most advanced music discovery system to crossfading and uploading your own files. Youtube Music is an ad-supported service that is completely free, with the ability to upgrade to a premium plan for $9.99 per month for benefits like background listening and offline access.

Both Spotify and Youtube Music offer many features, but they are not identical by any means. For example, YouTube has more than 50 million tracks available at any given time as opposed to just 30 million on Spotify’s free version – which leaves room for far greater variety in terms of the songs you’ll find on each platform. 

So in terms of free plans and flexibility these two are pretty much equal, although as the industry’s first Spotify is still our pet. But it’s definitely worth trying them both out. If you want to transfer tracks back and forth between the industry’s finest, MusConv is always here for your every need. 

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