Which Is Better To Listen To In The Car: YouTube Music Or Spotify?

If you can’t imagine driving even short distances without your favorite music, then you most likely use some kind of music streaming service.

There is a small group of leaders in the global music market, among which Spotify and YouTube Music stand out in particular. It is these streaming platforms that motorists love, they listen to streaming music from them during long or short trips.

What is YouTube Music? First, it is an online library with all the songs that can be used for a small monthly fee without copyright infringement.

More recently, YouTube Music has added an update to the program with its own interface, which greatly simplifies the use of the service while driving a car. This means that the selection of a song, playlist and track like is carried out not only through the phone, but also with the help of multimedia screen taps.

Better To Listen To In The Car: YouTube Music Or Spotify

The presence of its own YouTube Music interface for CarPlay and Android Auto is indicated by a bright red icon that appears on the multimedia screen. And since YouTube Music is an audio streaming service, the phone must be connected to the car with the original USB or Lightning cable, and also have at least a 3G internet connection.

YouTube Music immediately offers you a selection of clips and videos of your favorite artists, but this information is not displayed on the car screen.

Using YouTube Music is very simple and clear. It starts with the main playback window, and goes all the way to organizing the order of the tracks in your playlist. The only inconvenience can be caused by closely spaced “Like” and “Next” buttons. But the transition to the main playlist with the song menu is very conveniently located at the bottom.

All buttons are rectangular, located in the center of the screen, the song itself can be downloaded, added to a playlist and even read the text description for a specific playlist. The bottom of the screen is reminiscent of good old YouTube with its “home, trends and library” sections.

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Like any program made for people, YouTube Music must be perceived as intuitive. There are buttons responsible for playing and switching tracks (like in old tape recorders), there are digital and cloud options for saving songs and grouping them into playlists. Plus, ready-made selections, both from the tracks you like, and from those similar to them.

On the other hand, number 1 in the US, streaming audio service Spotify. And this primacy belongs to him by right. There is a Spotify app for every platform, it’s user-friendly and always well-optimized. Only the lazy have not tried the free version of the streaming service. Moreover, unlike YouTube Music, Spotify is not greedy for a free account and limits it only by the quality of the audio bitrate. Extremely affordable family subscription for 6 family members ($15), lowers the cost of one license to $2.5. Therefore, it is beneficial to use Spotify in a clubbing! Songwriters receive royalties for following and listening to their tracks. This is the most honest and legal way to listen to music.

Using the multimedia screen in the auto Spotify service is very simple, convenient and intuitive. All screens and transitions are rendered with a deep understanding of user actions. Navigation is easy, especially with the “now playing” button to quickly jump to the current track. The indents are large, the fonts are well-read from a distance.

So, we can say that both music streaming services are almost perfect for those who like to listen to music while driving.

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