Which Is More Expensive – Serato Or Virtual DJ?

In the work of a DJ, equipment and its software play a very important role. If you’re serious about DJing, you know the prices of software, at least the most popular types. If you consider yourself to be new to this profession, then it will be useful for you to find out how much it will cost you to purchase a virtual assistant.

If we consider the differences between Serato and Virtual DJ, we can not help but mention the monetary aspect. Bearing in mind that DJ programs are always moderately priced, below we will mention the various payment methods offered by these programs.

  1. Serato DJ Pro software, which is the basic software, costs $199.
  2. However, there is also an alternative to paying for the $9.99 monthly subscription.
  3. In addition, the Serato Expansion Pack (6 expansions) costs a total of $299, or you can also pay $9.99 per month.

On the other hand, the Virtual DJ Pro software costs $299, although it can also be accessed through a monthly subscription that costs $19.

Not to mention some of the free options you get with every kind of DJ software. This can play an important role in your making the appropriate selection decision.

Striking a balance between Virtual DJ and Serato, the latter seems to be cheaper. However, you should keep in mind that Serato has many extensions and plugins that are useful but require additional payment. That’s why we recommend that you carefully analyze both options before buying one of them.

Video mixing refers to the music videos and visuals that DJs include in their sets and send to an external screen or projector. Video tracks are loaded in much the same way as audio tracks. Serato and Virtual DJ software offer various alternatives for video mixing.

Virtual DJ is great for video mixing, this option is harmoniously integrated into its interface, which itself is intuitive and quite easy to learn for those who are just getting started with this popular application. Moreover, it is a free feature included in the software. As practice shows, this option is very popular with the audience, so DJs often use it in their work.

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However, this feature is implemented differently in Serato, since mixing requires the purchase of an expansion pack called Serato Video. Regardless, he has a system that some DJs say works very well.

In short, when comparing Serato and Virtual DJ, the latter has the edge because the video mixing feature is free. When using Serato, you need to invest in an expansion pack. By the way, this will not be the only expansion pack that you will have to purchase additionally. To get the most out of Serato, you really need to buy a lot of add-ons. In its basic version, this software does not produce the kind of stunning effect for beginners that can be seen in the full Serato package.

After comparing the various aspects between Virtual DJ and Serato, it’s time for you to evaluate each option and choose the one that works best for you. You need to take into account both your capabilities and the capabilities of your equipment on which you work.

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