Which Is The Best DJ Software For PC?

The music doesn’t stop there. DJs are constantly on the lookout for individual and interesting sounds. Due to the huge selection of programs designed for mixing tracks, it is not easy for DJs to decide which program is still worth working with.

The choice of program largely depends on what equipment and on what type of devices you are going to work as a disc jockey. If you use a smartphone, then Virtual DJ is for you. This is one of the most expensive DJ apps, with the full version set to cost you $299. But you can take advantage of its limited free version. This is an application that has minimal resource requirements.

But if you’re going to be using a PC for DJing, then you’re getting a lot of power in terms of resource. Therefore, you can use more complex programs that are resource-demanding.

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Serato is a program that is gaining popularity in the US. Quite intuitive, reliable and stable. We can say that it would be a great competitor to Tractor, but the program only works correctly with dedicated controllers or mixers. An interesting fact is that the program does not have the ability to automatically adjust the tempo, so it is considered the most demanding of all available.

Serato Benefits:

  1. Reliable and stable.
  2. Versatility in application.
  3. Compatible with many types of controllers.

Among the shortcomings of this software, one can only note the high requirements for the resource of the equipment. That is why Serato is best used on a PC.

Serato is especially appreciated by disc jockeys, who most often choose it. The program is additionally characterized by one more point – it only needs a “fancy” computer to interact, because it does not cope very well with weaker machines.

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