Which Is The Best Music Players For Android?

There are users who continue to enjoy music from the memory of their smartphone. This is convenient, for example, if the Internet connection does not allow listening to tracks, if you do not want to pay for a subscription, or, for example, if you want to get lossless content quality. For these purposes, you only need high quality tracks, as well as an application that can play this content. And if the user chooses the music himself, based on personal preferences, then it is worth talking about the best software for playing it in a little more detail. All of these applications can be downloaded for Android for free, but some of them have paid features.

On the PC, the AIMP audio player enjoyed unheard of popularity, and on Android, which is not surprising, the player is implemented very well. The interface is not overloaded with elements, everything is quite concise and simple, but in the settings the user can customize literally everything to fit his needs. There is an advanced equalizer, you can add your own album covers, customize headset actions, change the style of the interface or its elements, plus there are many settings for playing tracks. At the same time, the application is completely free and it does not even have any annoying ads.


1. concise interface;

2. quite flexible settings;

3. timer function until auto-off;

4. convenient work with playlists;

5. free and no ads.

If the standard functions of the player are not enough, then you can take advantage of the rich set of benefits of Audify. For example, the user can switch to driver mode – then everything superfluous from the screen disappears, only huge track rewind buttons remain. Or you can look at the lyrics of the song (to sing along with the guitar, for example), and then with one button open the clip for this song on YouTube. You don’t even need to search for it – the application itself searches by artist and title.

The Best Music Players For Android

And in the settings, you can not only select a ready-made theme, but also upload a custom one. But, unfortunately, this is one of the rare applications that has not yet been adapted to elongated smartphone displays.


1. simple concise player;

2. you can watch lyrics and search for their clips;

3. there is a motorist mode;

4. built-in timer and equalizer;

5. many themes.

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The main advantage of the BlackPlayer application is the flexible customization of the interface – the user can change the color scheme, customize the indicators and buttons, change the title font, or even change the transition effect from song to song. At the same time, the player interface is extremely pleasant and modern, all minor elements are hidden, and creating playlists is a pleasure. Among the shortcomings, one can only single out the limitation of color options, which are available only after purchasing the full version of the application. But all the features are available in the free version.


1. nice player;

2. flexible interface settings;

3. convenient navigation menu;

4. free version has no ads.

Fans of music tracks who still want to listen to them through an attractive application are strongly advised to look towards Musicolet. The developers have created a rather beautiful player, implemented a search function in the settings menu, made it possible to flexibly adjust the sound of music tracks in an advanced equalizer, and the program itself downloads covers from the network if the tracks do not initially have them. But, on the other hand, in the free version, the application will show advertising banners, which you can get rid of only after purchasing the full version.


1. convenient equalizer with many settings;

2. there is a search function for the settings;

3. many opportunities for customization;

4. the function of downloading covers from the worldwide web.

So, the choice of the player is yours. Many smartphones are still sold with pre-installed music players today, so you don’t even have to worry about downloading and installing.

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