Which Music App Is Totally Free?

The world of streaming music is rich and varied. You begin to understand this when you find out that there are a huge number of music streaming applications in the world today. Of course, each of them has its own scale. One streaming service has hundreds of millions of subscribers around the world and occupies a leading position in the world ranking, while the other is known only to residents of a single small country, and even then its region.

Every day we do more and more everyday things with a mobile phone, this is an indisputable truth of our time. Therefore, it is vital for music lovers to have an effective application on their smartphone at hand that allows them to enjoy their favorite songs without spending too much money, phone space or time, that is: it should be cheap, light and easy to use.

Which Music App Is Totally Free

If we talk about completely free music streaming services, then it is very difficult to find them. But finding a streaming service with a completely free version is very simple. As a rule, it works alongside the premium version and has certain limitations compared to it.

Spotify is without a doubt the most famous of all music streaming services, at least in most regions of the world. We know that there is a free version and a premium version, and that among the differences between them is that we do not pay for the service, we have to listen to a few seconds of advertising from time to time, like on the radio. What we also have is that Spotify Premium users can download music for offline listening and have access to more personalized playlists created automatically based on their habitual tastes.

Benefits: Even if you are a free user, you will have access to the app’s huge catalog that is constantly expanding as even obscure artists upload their music to this platform today. There are more chances to find independent bands here than some of their competitors. Also worth mentioning is the sound quality of the songs, which is usually very good. Similarly, playlists are another attractive feature: you will be able to create your own and enjoy others’ lists.

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YouTube Music is a free music app from Google that also has a paid version. You can use this music streaming service absolutely free. In terms of its capabilities, it is not much inferior to Spotify, but at the same time, it does not yet claim to be a world leader.

SoundCloud is another music streaming app that has a free version. On this platform, which has also been known for several years, you can find not only music, but also podcasts, radio program recordings, audio books and news in general.

Benefits: You can find quite a few new and emerging artists who have not yet uploaded or are not going to upload their material to other larger servers that have higher requirements for sharing their recordings.

Deezer is a French music streaming service. Many mark it as the most similar to Spotify in terms of interface and appearance. In this case, there will also be the option to be a free or premium user, as well as personalization of recommendations as we listen to more music, as the algorithms thus capture our tastes more accurately.

Advantages: Ease of use and the ability to download tracks and listen to them offline if you have a premium account.

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