Which music subscription is best?

You can actually check out a few music streaming platforms today for yourself to see what works best, but we’d probably say it’s worth saving you some of your time and just introducing you to the world’s first and most notable music streaming service around, Spotify. 

Since 2008 and introducing millions of tracks to 280 000 000 happy users, nearly half of whom are Premium, Spotify is a gift to be cherished for those who are really into music, audiobooks and podcasts. 

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Spotify offers its tracks and features to users completely free, which is well worth checking out. The installation is quick and simple. Go to the site, download and open the file, and run the install process, which will take no more than 60 seconds. Choose a password, and you’re good to go. 

With tons of spectacular music, Spotify is a terrific choice for lovers of art across the globe. If you upgrade to a Premium plan for the price of a box of chocolates, you’ll get an ad-free version that also includes the option of downloading tracks to your heart’s content, and other features. Spotify also offers other Premium plans for a handful of dollars more so you can share it with your loved ones. 

If you ask us, the world’s first and best music streaming service at your fingertips for only $10 is as good as you can get for your money. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to transfer tracks to and from Spotify or read up on other systems and get advice, you can always find MusConv here for you with the latest and greatest from the world of music.

There are dozens of music streaming services in the world today. Most of them offer roughly the same paid subscription terms. The question is what benefits a paid subscriber will get by paying money for a music streaming service.

Almost all streaming services have several subscription options:

• individual tariff plan;

• family tariff plan;

• subscription for students.

These are basic rates. Some services offer to pay upfront for an annual subscription right away. In this case, big discounts are provided for subscribers.

It is difficult to consider the question of which music subscription is the best, because you can only talk about the price, but you can consider the question in a complex way – what benefits can be obtained for the same money on different streaming platforms.

Today, three music streaming services stand out. These are Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. All three services offer the same terms for an individual paid subscription. The subscription fee will be $ 9.99 per month. Student rate and family rate are the same for all three services. There is also a discount for subscriptions in advance for a year. This is typically $ 20 in savings per year.

But Amazon Music offers an annual option for $ 79 – $ 20 less than Apple’s annual plan and $ 40 less than Spotify Premium. The company is trying to become the world’s first music streaming service at a low cost per subscription.

But for now, Spotify has come first. This service has provided a free version on an ongoing basis. And the trial version of the Premium plan can be used for one month for free. Apple Music is only available with a paid subscription, but the free trial lasts for three months. Amazon Music has also developed a free version, but it has very limited functionality so far.

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