Which music subscription is the best?

Streaming music services gained incredible popularity among music fans. It’s quite a big change, and this trend allows a lot of possibilities. However, at the moment, there are so many streaming services that it’s hard to understand how they differ from each other and which one is best. So, how do you determine which music subscription is the best?

Which music subscription is the best?

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We present three of the most popular music apps. If you just begin your acquaintance with streaming services, you should pay attention to them first.

Spotify is a Swedish music service. Spotify can adapt perfectly to listeners’ tastes. This service works as a social network for music lovers. Here, you can find like-minded users, read actual news and even write messages.

The cost:

  • family subscription – $14.99 per month,
  • individual – $9.99,
  • student version – $4.99.

The test period is available for free. Also, a great advantage is that the service can be used for free permanently but with some restrictions.

Apple Music is the most popular service in the world. The reason for this is simple: Apple Music is integrated by default into the Music application available on every iPhone. It’s very tightly integrated into Apple’s ecosystem, working with Siri as well as iMessage, for example. So, for Apple smartphone owners, it’s the most convenient streaming application with lots of interesting music.


  • family subscription – $7.99 per month
  • individual  version – $ 4.99
  • student package – $2.49

The platform offers a free trial period of three months that is available to all subscribers. There is no free usage option.

Tidal is known for high-quality music in FLAC/ALAC format, which makes music audiophiles happy. Tidal has more than 250 thousand music videos and 70 million high-quality songs in its collection.

The service has several subscription levels: Premium and Hi-Fi. The first one provides access to music in 320 kbps, AAC format (MP3 is considerably inferior to AAC even with the same bitrate). Hi-Fi allows you to listen to songs in FLAC and ALAC format.


  • Premium account – $9.99/month,
  • Hi-Fi is $19.99.

The free trial period is one month. There is no free usage option.

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Whichever service you choose, remember that you can change it at any moment. The MusConv application may be useful for you. It is capable of transferring music from one streaming service to another in just a few minutes. Download, sign up, and manage your music.