Which Platform Pays The Most For Streaming?

In the past few years, music streaming has become so popular that it has become one of the sources of income for artists. Admittedly, many of them argue that online platforms harm more than help, but the fact is that they have something to do with it. How does it look financially? How much for each individual listening session on a music streaming service goes to the artist’s account and which service pays the most?

Artists’ earnings are billed based on the number of times their songs are played. Tariffs vary depending on the specific service. It’s different on Spotify, different on YouTube Music or Apple Music. However, on average, a song must be played 200 times for one dollar to be credited to their account.

Platform Pays The Most For Streaming

So which music streaming platform pays the most for streaming? For some reason, most artists and music lovers are sure that this is the Swedish service Spotify, the leader of the global music streaming market. This is the wrong answer. The service only pays $0.0038 per stream, which is one of the reasons artists often complain about the service.

One of the problems is that all songs bring different profits. Much depends on the country in which the song was played and on the percentage of paid subscribers who listened to it. The situation promises to improve in the near future, because the Swedes are starting to sign exclusive contracts with labels for Premium users. Perhaps this will improve the position and attractiveness of this service for artists as a source of income.

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Spotify has the advantage of having a large user base, which makes collecting plays, at least in theory, easier. More than on this site, artists will earn in the following services: Deezer, Apple Music or Tidal, but none of them comes first. So who is the leader in royalty payments to artists?

The answer is Napster. It turns out that this site is at the top of the rankings. How is it possible that he pays out $0.0167. for listening? The secret is that Napster doesn’t offer anything for free, so every play comes from the subscriber who paid for it (with the exception of a free trial period for every new user).

Also, worth mentioning is YouTube Music. This is one of the most disloyal services to artists and the least loved by them. Artists’ dislike for the service stems largely from the fact that it often unofficially releases entire albums for which the artist himself doesn’t even get paid a dollar. However, even with the publication of official materials, earnings are small. Average $0.0006. for listening. Interestingly, every year the service becomes less and less attractive for artists. However, it has 2.5 billion users who want to generate those pageviews. Therefore, the positive side of cooperation with him is the growth of the artist’s popularity due to the number of listens to his tracks.

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