Which service is better: Deezer or Spotify?

Deezer and Spotify are two music streaming applications that offer almost the same quality services, but with different features and methods.

Deezer was born in the French capital Paris in 2007. Today, its media library exceeds 60 million musical compositions, and the number of active users reaches 20 million, although this figure was relevant in mid-2020. Of these, more than half of users are paid subscribers. The service did not publish more current data.

The service is available in 30 languages, it is rapidly developing and enters the market of new countries. Today it is officially available in 200 countries. The unambiguous advantages of Deezer are a more adjusted individual approach to the listener, as well as a CD-quality streaming service.

Spotify was founded in 2006 in Sweden. Today its main office is located in Stockholm. In 2020, it was Spotify that was the most popular and largest music streaming service in the world. Today he has more than 300 million listeners around the world, of which almost half have signed up for his services. Spotify Media Library exceeds 60 million music tracks, it has a very developed segment of national music, which is its undeniable advantage.

Swedish developers have taken care of the most effective algorithm for selecting musical recommendations for each user. Spotify offers the highest quality music, which is 320 kbit/s.

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A large quantity of users make the Swedish music streaming service as attractive as possible to authors of musical compositions. The service has already paid them $16 billion in royalties.

It should be said that the cost of a paid subscription with Deezer and Spotify is almost identical, although the Swedish service has a more flexible policy towards paid subscribers, often conducting various promotions. Both services have a free version on an ongoing basis.

If a music lover has a question about which of these two services is best, then you should try both, and then decide what is more important for him. And choose the one that you liked more.

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